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Who We Are

The Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council (YRITWC) is a coalition of 66 Tribes and First Nations in Alaska and Canada united in protecting the Yukon River for current and future generations. The challenges we are trying to address include the high cost of fuel, dependence on diesel generators for electricity, air and water pollution from burning fossil fuels, and fuel spills.

Our Vision

We see a future where not only the electricity but also the heating and transportation needs of the Yukon watershed are met by harnessing the natural energy of the area, namely the water, wind, sun, geothermal, and biomass.

What We Do

  • Promote and implement energy efficiency and conservation measures to reduce waste
  • Explore alternative energy options throughout the watershed to identify the best “fit” between available resources, location, community, environment, and economic and technical feasibility
  • Educate and train Tribal staff to work on energy issues in watershed communities, aiming to save people money, reduce pollution, and spread energy awareness
  • Develop partnerships with Tribal communities and energy professionals to meet local needs

How We Do It

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Technology Trainings
Through a grant provided by the Denali Training Fund in conjunction with the State of AK Dept. of Labor and the US Dept. of Labor the YRITWC Energy Dept. has partnered with the Interior Regional Housing Authority (IRHA) and Susitna Energy LLC to provide hands on technical trainings in wind, solar and solar thermal technology for tribal members. In 2009 over 20 students participated in these trainings. We are hoping to continue these trainings in 2010 and beyond, interested students are encouraged to e-mail us at the addresses provided below!

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Alternative Energy Projects
Each year we will install at least one alternative energy project on the watershed. These projects may include run of river hydro, wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, and/or electric vehicles such as boats, four-wheelers and snow machines.

Data Collection
In different locations throughout the watershed, we will collect data on renewable energy resource potential, alternative energy production of installed systems, and current energy use. This information will guide our decision making about how to best meet Tribal community’s energy needs.

How We Can Help You

We are available to all villages within the Yukon River watershed as an energy information clearinghouse. We are available to discuss scheduling workshops or trainings in your area, to answer technical questions, to consider conducting energy resource or site assessments, and/or to plan for and install alternative energy projects.

Recent Projects

Energy Retrofit and Upgrade to the Nenana Teen Rec Center
The Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council partnered with the city of Nenana and the Nenana Tribal Council to put together an energy retrofit for the Nenana Rec Center. The project consisted of 3 major components: Zone valves and programmable thermostats were added to the building’s existing heating system, solar hot water collectors were installed on the building’s roof to heat domestic hot water, and a 4.4kW fixed-mount solar array was installed to offset the buildings electrical load. The YRITWC plans to determine the effectiveness of these projects by comparing the building’s heating and electric bills over the coming years with bills collected over the previous 2 years. A BIG thanks goes out to the City of Nenana, the Nenana Tribal Council and to the following community members who helped us complete these projects. Jabob Kukes, Daniel Marks, Leon McElroy and Mike Pitka.

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Experimental House design in Anaktuvuk Pass
In 2009 the YRITWC Energy Dept, partnered with the Cold Climate Housing and Research Center (CCHRC) to provide over 1.3 kW of renewable solar and wind energy to their experimental house in Anaktuvuk Pass Alaska. Using a super efficient design and the latest in lighting and appliance technology the home is expected to derive a majority of its electrical usage from solar and wind, during 9 months of the year.

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Ruby Hydrokinetic Turbine
In July 2008, in partnership with the Tribe, City, and local utility in Ruby, AK, we installed the first successful hydrokinetic river turbine in the United States.  The turbine produces energy with no dams or water diversions.  "In February of 2009, the YRITWC was awarded almost $450,000 through the Alaska Renewable Energy Fund to expand the Ruby hydrokinetic turbine project over the next two years."

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 Year 1 Funding provided by ANA