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AFS/Airport - Old Abandoned Pipeline OAP/PADS/VP09 (CLP006)


Diesel, Gas, Petroleum Product



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Past Work on Site

Site OAP/PADS/VP09 is associated with petroleum distribution. Potential target analytes for diesel and jet fuel are Gasoline range organics (GRO), Diesel Range organics (DRO), Benzene Toluene, Ethylbenezene and Xylene (BTEX), and Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs). Limited environmental sampling has been conducted that specifically targeted releases from Site OAP/PADS/VP09. The OAPs primarily consist of two abandonded underground steel pipelines: a 4-inch diameter pipeline built in 1952 that was used for diesel fuel and a 6-inch diameter pipeline built in 1962 that was used for other fuel products. The 4-inch diameter pipeline originates at the Barge Loading Area (BLA), runs approximately 1,600 feet north under the runway, continues predominantly due west, parallel to the north dike road, and terminates at VP02. The 1962 pipeline also originates at the BLA, runs approximately 1,200 feet north under the runway, continues predominantly due west parallel to the runway and northern apron, and terminates at VP02. The PADS include 12 former aircraft refueling pads. Valve Pit VP09 had a 6-inch-diameter JP-4 pipeline and a 4 inch dia. diesel pipeline that entered into the western side of VP from Million Gallon Hill (MGH). In June 2011, several borings along the OAP were sampled and detected GRO, DRO, and BTEX compounds above DEC cleanup levels in soil and water. Soil detections were as high as 23,100 mg/kg GRO, 11,100 mg/kg DRO, and 369 mg/kg Benzene. Detections in groundwater were as high as 58.8 mg/kg DRO, 47.2 mg/kg GRO, and 19.9 mg/kg Benzene. The highest DRO concentrations were detected at boring OAPGP014 on Site SS017. On October 16, 2011, a section of the OAP was discovered in an excavation for ERP site SS017 near the intersection of Birchwood Avenue and Airport Road in Galena Alaska. A 100 foot section of 4 inch diameter pipe was removed and approximately 5 gallons was spilled during the transfer of approximately 50 gallons Free Phase liquid product from the pipe section. The recovered product was stored for final disposition, while approximately 10 cubic yards of soil was overexcavated and transported from the spill location to the Campion airstrip contaminated soil stockpile. The OAP/PADS/VP9 site contains both developed and undeveloped areas with buildings, gravel, paved surfaces, and a small amount of ruderal (weedy) vegetation that provides no viable habitat. Portions of the site contain short grass and forbs that provide limited habitat.


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