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AFS/Airport - SS007 Perimeter Dike Drums


Petroleum Product



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Past Work on Site

The Galena AFS flood control dike was constructed over a base of drums, some of which are suspected to contain product. Over time the seasonal high water of the Yukon River has distributed thousands of drums throughout the woods to the north and west of the airport. Most of the drums were rusted and empty when recovered, although some contained asphalt, petroleum contaminated soil, and other residual wastes. Air Force Installation Restoration Program Site SS007. The Perimeter Drum Storage Area consisted of two mains areas, the flood control dike, and the undeveloped area north and west of the airport. Prior to recovery, drums littered the surface of the woods, creating navigation hazards, as well as the possibility of leaking product into the soil. The site was assigned a HIGH overall risk on the Air Force Relative Risk Evaluation Worksheet dated 9/13/95. Site SS007 covers a large area of the Perimeter Dike Road. A Drum removal action was completed in 2001 and 2002 for the Galena FOL under this Site designation. Drums were collected over a large area, from the banks of the Yukon river, sloughs, lakes, and acccumulation areas near Galena. There were some areas (e.g. west of Dike) where drums were collected without any confirmation sampling of the underlying soil. Drum accumulations may still be discovered and contamination associated with the drums may be identified in ongoing investigations at Galena. ---2013 Update--- The site GIS location was updated to the Drum Crushing Area on 1\3\2005. The Drum Crushing Area was entered into the data base as a separate site OT099 on 6/13/2012. The site was investigated in 2005 and 2008. Site characterization was completed in 2010 and a contaminated soil removal action was completed in 2011. A Cleanup Complete determination was made for the Drum Crushing Area, Site OT099 on 8/17/2012. A geotechnical project to evaluate the perimeter road levee conditions was initiated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers after the spring flood of 2013. The project encountered a strong diesel odor at a location 10 feet below ground surface on the south levee in a boring at the crest of the levee. This area will need to be investigated further.


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