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CANOL Pump Station J - Ida Joe Allotment


Diesel, Petroleum Product





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Past Work on Site

Petroleum contamination of soil and sediments. The site is located on the Alaska Highway approximately 19 miles northwest of Northway Junction, near Midway Lake, and is associated with the former Canol No. 4 Pipeline. In 1999 the pump station consisted of structures, buildings, scattered metal debris, used oil filters, and several 55 gallon drums in various stages of decay scattered over approximately 5.7 acres of land and surface water. Previous observations at the site included oil sheen on surface water and soil smelling of petroleum product as well as a vent pipe potentially associated with an UST. DRO, RRO, benzene, lead, and a couple of SVOCs were detected at levels above cleanup in soil and sediments at the station. The surrounding area is sparsely populated. At the time of the SA, the site was accessible by the Alaska road system and was not fenced or otherwise secured. Allotments are being investigated for surface debris, dump areas, abandoned drums. EPA contracted Ecology and Environment, Inc. to conduct a SA in 1999. The E&E report is on file. The United States War Department acquired the Pump Station J land tract in 1942. The land was relinquished to the Bureau of Land Management in 1975. The BLM designated the Pump Station J tract, now a portion of US Survey No. 6145, as a native allotment. USACE refers to this site as the CANOL Pipeline Project Number 4 Site and the CANOL Pump Station J Site (formerly used defense site [FUDS] ID Number F10AK1033).


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