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AFS/Airport - Bldg 1812 (B1812 / CSS002) Water Treatment Plant


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Past Work on Site

On September 27, 2013, a Cleanup Complete Determination was made for Site Galena Airport UST 1578-3, ADEC File # 860.26.002. The determination was based on a review of the Site investigations documented in the Final Site Characterization Report for the Site Galena Airport UST 1578-3_B1812, Former Galena Forward Operating Location (FOL), Galena, Alaska. Based on low level residual contamination detected at the Site UST 1578-3 and attributed to upgradient contamination from Site B1812, the U.S. Air Force agreed to continue Site characterization and cleanup of Site UST 1578-3 with Site characterization and cleanup of Site B1812. Contaminants of Concern Ethylene Dibromide (EDB) was identified in soil (10-15 feet bgs) at Site UST 1578-3, at concentrations above the migration to groundwater cleanup level (0.00016 mg/kg) in one sample, but below the direct contact and inhalation cleanup levels. EDB was not detected in groundwater. DRO, GRO, Benzene and several VOC’s and SVOCs above DEC cleanup levels were identified up-gradient of the UST 1578-3 tank location within the Site B1812. DRO contamination at Site B 1812 was consistently identified at 29 feet bgs. DRO was also identified in vadose soil within the B 1812 site boundaries at 5’ and 10’ bgs. Benzene above the Table C cleanup level was detected in several grab groundwater samples from borings within Site B 1812 at 13 – 14 and 41 feet bgs. VOCs, TCE and Methylene chloride were also detected at several locations within the B 1812 site boundaries at 5 – 10’ bgs. EDB was not detected in soil or groundwater at Site B1812. Note: Information for Bldg 1812 (Water Treatment Plant) UST 15783 (DEC Tank ID #6), a former 500-gallon leaded gasoline underground storage tank is tracked under Hazard ID 25116, file no. 860.26.002. Contamination was discovered upon tank removal in July 1997. DRO, GRO, and EDB were measured in soil at concentrations above DEC cleanup levels


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