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Resilience Workshop Report

This is a summary of the discussion from a workshop that brought Indigenous leaders and Tribal Environmental Professionals together in Fairbanks, AK, September 17, 2019, to discuss environmental change and resilience. 

Community Meetings About Mining Report

​Proceedings from community meetings regarding mining in Rampart, Tanana, Ruby, and Galena during the summer of 2018. 


by Nicole Herman-Mercer, Ronald Antweiler, Nicole Wilson, Edda Mutter, Ryan Toohey, and Paul Schuster

Proceedings from a Community Based Monitoring (CBM) Workshop that the YRITWC Executive Committee participated, concludes with good practices and challenges/needs for CBM.

Water Monitoring

Here you will find field manuals and sheets along with Power Point presentations pertaining to water quality.

Active Layer Network

The Active Layer Network was created to develop a better understanding of climate shifts and their effects on social structures with the aim of aiding in better decision-making and scientific process to combat climate change. This site outlines the climate concerns in this area and the work done by the Active Layer Network and the Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council.

Water Quality Reports

These reports provide information on the ION project and the water quality testing that has been done in each community.

2016 Science & USGS Publication in the Journal of Ecology and Society

Title: Changing times, changing stories: generational differences in climate change perspectives from four remote indigenous communities in Subarctic Alaska

Climate Adaptation Strategies

These reports provide an introduction to the YRITWC, along with the results of focus groups and interviews conducted with Elders and citizens of each nation in an effort to share Traditional Knowledge and create a combination of Indigenous Knowledge and Western Science.

Integrating Indigenous Knowledge into a Community Contaminant & Climate Change Monitoring Program

These reports detail the results of research conducted in these communities to assess and monitor climate change and contaminants within their traditional territories through integrating Indigenous Knowledge of the environment into a community contaminant-monitoring program.

Water and Sediment Quality in the Yukon River Basin

These reports from 2001 to 2005 contain water quality and sediment quality data from samples collected in the Yukon River Basin. The work was made possible by the partnership with USGS and National Science Foundation. 

Pacific Salmon Foundation Workshop Report

First Nation-Led Water Quality Monitoring of Salmonid Habitat int he Yukon River Watershed (2014-2015). 

Health Canada Governance Workshop Report

First Nation Climate Change Policy: a regional, Indigenous approach to climate change adaptation, health and water governance (2014-2015)

WWF Canada- Freshwater Health Assessment

Passive Sampling Results for Polycyclis Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Selected Metals in the Yukon River Watershed, Yukon Territrory

This is a report prepared by The Institute for Watershed Science at Trent University and the Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council (2015). 

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