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AFS/Airport - DSWD (DP023_PCB) PCB Area





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Past Work on Site

Disposal Site West of Dike (DSWD) is located south and southwest of Million Gallon Hill. Surface debris has been removed from this location, however a former disposal trench occurs within the Surface Debris area that is suspected to have contained used transformers. The area is frequently flooded. BTEX and petroleum hydrocarbons were identified in historic groundwater samples at this site. In 2011, laboratory samples measured DRO, RRO, and Benzene in groundwater, with PCBs, metals, and SVOCs in excess of cleanup levels in soil. 2012 update - Poly Chlorinated BiPhenyls (PCBs) above Table B, Method two migration to groundwater levels were identified in sampling conduted in 2011. One sample indicated total PCBs at 22.5 mg/kg. 2013 update - Three test pits were excavated in the vicenity of PCB dections in the South east quarter of the site. The Air Force contractor notified DEC of the release of waste oil from a drum encountered in Test Pit TP003. Parsons indicated the waste oil and oil-stained soil were containerized in 55-gallon drums and staged at the RAPCON Yard. The Air Force indicated that the drums would be characterized for disposal by another Air Force contractor (Aerostar). Based on observations from Test Pits TP002 and TP003, the Air Force proposed a soil boring to the south (downgradient) of Test Pit TP003. DEC agreed with a soil boring at the proposed location. A large amount of metal debris was encountered in the test pit area in addition to the waste oil drum. Steel cable, electric wires and panels, old engine and transmission, nickle cadmium battery, large chunks of Tar, and miscellaneous unidentified metal was encountered directly above the top of the variably saturated zone (VSZ). The top of the VSZ was encountered at approximatly 6 feet below ground surface. The soil at the top of the VSZ is a bluish altered/reduced color. Contaminants are not fully characterized. PCBs are not fully delineated at this time


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