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AFS/Airport - SS014 UST 1551-1


Diesel, Gas, Petroleum Product



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Redevelopment Plan


Past Work on Site

UST 1551-1 stored diesel used to power a standby generator. It was removed in 1997 and the sampled excavation had benzene and DRO well over Method 2 soil cleanup levels. Contaminated soil was used as backfill after pulling the tank. --Updated 2011-- SS014 has been identified as a candidate for site characterization. The primary objective of data collection at this site it to characterize the nature and extent of POL contamination in soil laterally and vertically. Target analytes at this site are: DRO, GRO, RRO, VOCs, PAHs, EDB, 1.2 DCA, and metals. This site is also part of a large multiple site interim removal action. In June 2011 ADEC sent a contingent approval for the sampling locations proposed in the site characterization field sampling plan. Additional comment resolution is need for full approval. Additionally in June 2011 ADEC approved the Work Plan for the interim removal action at this site. The primary objective of the interim removal action is to remove the soil source area down to 15 ft bgs. Site characterization sampling is expected to be initiated in the 2011 field season. The interim removal action at this site is scheduled to begin in August 2011. Beginning on September 2, 2011, approximately 4,700 cubic yards of material (concrete, soil, debris) were excavated from Site SS014. DRO, GRO, and VOCs exceeded extent SLs throughout the excavation; only 2 of the 29 confirmation samples had concentrations below extent SLs for every analyte. The objectives of the 2011 SC investigation, which were to characterize the lateral and vertical nature and extent of POL contamination in soil and determine whether soil contamination contributes to groundwater contamination, were partially met, as data gaps remain at the site. The ojective of the SC investigation: to gain closure approval for the former underground storage tanks (USTs) (UST 1551-1 and UST 1556-2) at the site was not met as DRO contamination above Method two, Table B cleanup levels is still present.


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