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AFS/Airport - SS017 Former Truck Fill Stands


Diesel, Petroleum Product



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Past Work on Site

Site SS017 was designated as a site requiring further investigation when fuel fill-stands were identified on an aerial photograph from 1987. Based on information contained on historical aerial photographs and construction drawings, the truck fill-stands were present at least as early as 1962. The fill-stands are visible on 1963 and 1985 historical aerial photographs. Former Valve Pit B, about 30 feet to the west of the fill stands, was used to control fuel supply to the truck fill-stands. Spills of diesel fuel to the ground surface may occurred during routine diesel-fuel handling operations at the fill-stands. Subsurface releases of diesel fuel from buried fuel lines (2 to 4 feet bgs) between the valve pit and the fill-stands may also have occurred. Information in historical drawings indicates former Valve Pit B was used to control fuel supply to the truck fill-stands to the east, Building 1558 to the southwest, five fuel USTs to the west (UST 1558-1 through UST 1558-5), and an UST at the mess hall (Building 1859) to the north. Subsurface releases of POL from the valve pit and fuel lines connections could also have occurred. UST 1558-1 through UST 1558-5 were located north of the former power plant and west of Site SS017. The storage tanks included three 27,000-gallon and two 10,000-gallon fuel tanks. The tanks are visible on aerial photographs from 1952 but not on the aerial photograph from 1985. Tank operations presumably ceased when the power plant was removed from service in the 1970s. No decommissioning or removal records were found for UST 1558-1 through UST 1558-5. Potential release locations include pipe connections to the west ends of the tanks and to the power plant (Building 1558) and the pipe connection to the valve pit. UST 1558-1 through UST 1558-5 were not registered with DEC or EPA. In 2011, an interim removal action was conducted at Sites SS014 and SS017. A total of 8,400 cubic yards of material were removed from two excavations at SS017. Petroleum contaminated soil was transported to the Galena landfarm for treatment. Uncontaminated soil was returned to the excavation along with clean fill. During the 2013 site characterization activities, POL contamination was detected above DEC cleanup levels in soil and groundwater at the fill-stands, Valve Pit B, and the UST 1558-1 through UST 1558-5 areas.


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