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FAA Control Tower Drum Storage Area


Petroleum Product



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Problem Severity


Current Use


Redevelopment Plan


Past Work on Site

The Control Tower Drum Storage Area is where the Air Force historically stored both full and empty drums of fuel and solvent, prior to the construction of bulk fuel facilities. The contamination was first detected during construction of the control tower. Reported potential contaminants in unknown quantities include PCBs, POL wastes, asbestos, solvents, paints, antifreeze, herbicides. Dates of disposal, extent of contamination unknown. Also see 900.02.005. EPA ID# AK5141190137--CERCLIS site. Information received from EPA 2/12/91. Site includes area surrounding the Galena Airport/Airbase (rpltr4). The site is assigned a LOW overall risk on the Air Force Relative Risk Evaluation Worksheet dated 8/29/95. The worksheet states that the area is now the site of the Alaska Fire Service aircraft parking area and the proposed Airport ramp expansion project. The site is upgradient and somewhat distant from the village of Galena. Human receptors consist of Alaska Fire Service employees and construction workers that are performing the ramp expansion


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