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School Tank Farm


Diesel, Petroleum Product


4 tanks

DEC Database


62.905403 & -160.063066

Problem Severity


Current Use


Redevelopment Plan


Past Work on Site

This site is the location of the former Iditarod Area School District tank farm. The total capacity of the tank farm was 35,310 gallons. The tank farm is located approximately 150 feet west of the Yukon River. The tanks are situated within a lined dike. Four of the six tanks were moved to the consolidated tank farm. The remaining tanks located in the tank farm consist of a 10,000-gallon railroad tank car with the wheels removed and an 880-gallon horizontal steel tank. A soil sample was collected for laboratory analysis from a location near the former location of the four tanks. The sample contained 24,500 ppm DRO. Also, Fred Howard (453-5153) stated that there was a release of approximately 3,000 gallons of fuel that occurred from subsurface piping connecting from the tank farm to the school mechanical building. The release occurred in 1994. Fred stated that he excavated several pits at distances of approximately 15 to 30 feet from where the piping failed, but did not find any trace of fuel. The soil excavated from beneath the ruptured piping is stockpiled on a liner at the Grayling Native Store.


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