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Village Council Clinic & Washeteria


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On May 7, 2010 ADEC received a spill report stating a 300-gallon release of diesel had occurred as a result of an overfilled aboveground day tank at the Manley Village Council (MVC) Clinic & Washeteria. On May 11, 2010, ADEC and Shannon & Wilson responded to the heating oil spill. ADEC assisted the MVC with the excavation of ~120 cubic yards of diesel-contaminated soil, some of which was temporarily staged at the west end of the landfill and some on-site near the MVC shop. During excavation activities, deeper contamination was discovered in and below the frozen silt layer, likely the result of historic spills. Results of the sample taken from the on-site drinking water well on 5/11/2010 revealed benzene was present above the ADEC cleanup level. Due to the unanticipated volume of contaminated soil and water, and issues with the placement of the biocell at the landfill, excavation activities were halted on 5/13/2010 to re-evaluate the plan for corrective action. On 5/13/2010 DEC staff attended an emergency community meeting to resolve land use issues regarding the biocell at the landfill. On 7/13/2010 ADEC and Shannon & Wilson returned to Manley to finish the biocell construction and excavation. In addition to the contaminated soil from the May 7, 2010 heating oil release, the biocell also contained a small amount of soil excavated from a leak originating at the generator shed on site. ADEC Prevention and Emergency Response Program (PERP) staff will continue to manage the biocell.


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