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Valve on out-of-service fuel line was accidentally left open and released approximately 600 gallons of #1 diesel into a marshy area near the school that is underlain by permafrost. The fuel flowed and pooled along a ditch for approximately 120 feet. 200 gallons of product recovered in the response effort, no soil samples collected. There is no threat to either the village drinking water supply or the Yukon River, which are approximately 6500 feet and 200 yards away from the spill respectively. PERP and Village Safe Water personnel involved in response effort. Cross-reference file number 840.02.006 (PERP) 5.17 acres, Block 3, U.S.S. 724 Spill number 00309923603 Spill date 8/21/2000 Update 4-2011: there is currently one community water well in Nulato, 1.25 miles west of the lower townsite. There are no private water wells in Nulato. There are plans to re-activate the Blackberry well and tie it into the upper townsite's water system in the fall of 2011, but this is not impacted by any spills in the lower townsite.


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