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Chase Enterprise Store Tank Farm


Gas, Petroleum Product


250 feet West of the Anvik River

Current Use



Two 10,520 gallon tanks

DEC Database


Problem Severity


Redevelopment Plan


Past Work on Site

This tank farm is located approximately 250 feet west of the Anvik River and consists of two horizontal steel tanks (total capacity of 10,520 gallons). The tanks appear to be empty. Tank #1 was labeled "GAS" and tank #2 was labeled "STOVE OIL." The tanks appear to be in fair condition. Evidence of overfilling was observed on both tanks. The tanks are situated against a steep slope, which has eroded, covering the back of the tanks with 2 to 5 feet of sandy silt. The soil sample collected from this site was obtained from in front of the tank labeled "STOVE OIL" and contained 2,780 ppm DRO. This analytical sample was one of five locations screened using a PID and the only location with a hydrocarbon odor noted and a PID > 0.5 ppm at 50 ppm.


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