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Arctic Village School




Approximately 600 cubic yards of impacted soil, plus tanks

DEC Database


East Fork Chandalar River, 100 Miles N of Fort Yukon, Arctic Village, AK 99722

Problem Severity


Current Use


Redevelopment Plan


Past Work on Site

School Tank farm has history of diesel spills, leaking pipes and overfills appear to be typical causes. Many of these spills are due to poor housekeeping and handling practices. Also waste oil spill and broken batteries evidenced. A majority of the contamination at the school tank farm was caused by a small hole in Tank 5 and minor spills and leaks from the fuel lines. Other impacts were identified in and around the School Generator Bldg and the day tank and used oil storage area. DRO and GRO contamination. Approximately 600 cubic yards of impacted soil has estimated. This was to be addressed by TAPL Program. West in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, along East Fork of the Chandalar River. (FY93) (rpltr9) The spill that occurred at the school garage building was transferred from PERP. (Spill #95309921901, 500 gallons of diesel spill on 8/7/95.) A Targeted Brownfield Assessment (TBA) of the Arctic Village School was completed in 2005 and provided to DEC in 2006. The site visit for the TBA occurred in 2004. A separate brownfield file, no. 740.57.001, was set up to track on this work and it contains a copy of the TBA report.


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