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ADOT&PF Airport SREB & Apron ASTs


Gas and Petroleum Product





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Past Work on Site

During a site inspection in 2002, stained soil was evident near a gasoline tank and near two diesel tanks located on the airport apron. At the gas tank, three soil samples collected at the outlet of the tank contained GRO up to 15,000 mg/kg, benzene up to 293 mg/kg, ethybenzene up to 496 mg/kg, toluene up to 3,000 mg/kg, and xylenes up to 2,938 mg/kg at 0.5 feet bgs; and benzene up to 4.54 mg/kg and toluene up to 30.2 mg/kg at 5 feet bgs. An estimated 10 cubic yards of contaminated surface soil remains at the gasoline tank. At the diesel tanks, soil samples collected in a stained area 0.5 ft. bgs at the outlet, contained DRO up to 2,200 mg/kg. Subsurface soil samples were not collected at the diesel tank due to compacted soil. In 2009, petroleum stained soil was encountered inside the ADOT&PF snow removal equipment building (SREB). It is assumed that vehicle storage and maintenance activities in the SREB resulted in historic spills and leaks impacting the dirt floor.


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