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Brownfields Leadership Working Group

Learn more about Brownfields
A brownfield is a property with known or perceived contamination. They can be fully utilized or completely abandoned. In rural Alaska, we usually see these sites as old tank farms, old buildings, old or illegal dump sites, etc.
Brownfield Resources
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Additional funding
Because 128(a) funds cannot go towards clean up, we must find different avenues to see these sits move towards their reuse goals. If you find appropriate funding opportunities, post them to the forum and they will be added below. 
Brownfield Contacts
Scroll down to find the contact information for the other Brownfield Leaders. You will also find the contact sheet for the other STRPs in the state. Please do not share the STRP contacts with others outside of this group.
On the bottom, explore additional information on EPA brownfields. If you find additional resources, please post them to our forum and it will be added to this section
Links and additional information
Additional funding
Brownfields Contacts
Links and additional information
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