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FAA Fort Yukon Quarters Facility Bldg 101 UST 9-C-6


Petroleum Product


Current Use




Problem Severity


Redevelopment Plan


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Past Work on Site

One underground storage tank was removed at this residence in 1995 as documented in the Fuel Storage Tank Decommissioning Assessments, dated 1995. Tank 9-C-6 was an active 500 gallon diesel tank that was removed and 15 cubic yards of petroleum-contaminated soil were removed. Six (6) confirmation samples were collected and analytical results showed that diesel-range organics concentrations up to 560 mg/kg remained. The department determines that with the low concentrations remaining that there is likely only a very small volume of contaminated soil in place. The department determines that no further remedial action is planned for the Building 101 former tank area. If, in the future, the building is removed and the soil at the former tank area is accessible, the area should be characterized and any contamination managed in accordance with department regulations and guidance, as required by 18 AAC 75.325(i).


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