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AFS/Airport - LF011 Historic Wet Landfill





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Past Work on Site

Three landfill sites in Galena were sampled in 1995 for evidence of contamination on the soil surface, in the surface water, and in the down-gradient groundwater. LF011, known also as the historic wet landfill, recorded high levels of lead, zinc, and copper in the groundwater samples. Also, the Radian Corporation had surveyed LF011 in 1993 and had observed high FID readings at the site (2900ppm), indicating petroleum contamination at the site. Several metal objects were also detected underneath the surface using EM. There were, reportedly, several transformers found at the site, though the site tested inconclusive for PCB contamination. Reportedly, this site may have had barrels of sludge from one of their fuel tanks disposed there many years ago. No further monitoring was done after 1995. DRO, GRO, and RRO analytical sampling must be completed at this site before it can be closed. 2012 Update DEC staff completed a site visit on June 14, 2012 and inspected the condition of the down-gradient monitoring wells. There are two wells that are in good condition and should be sampled prior to closure with ICs at this site.


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