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AFS/Airport - ST020 UST 1837


Diesel, Gas, Petroleum Product



DEC Database



Problem Severity


Current Use


Redevelopment Plan


Past Work on Site

USTs 1837 was used for storage of waste gasoline and used oil. It was removed in 1998 with no sampling conducted, and had further investigation in 1999 and 2001. The 2001 investigation documented BTEX, GRO, and DRO well over Method 2 soil cleanup levels, and GRO, DRO, benzene, and 1,2-DCA above groundwater cleanup levels. This tank is managed under the Air Force Compliance program. --Updated 2011-- Site ST020 is on the site characterization investigation pathway. In May 2011 a draft site characterization workplan was submitted by the USAF, it includes the UST and all potential sources at the former Petroleum Operations Facility. The primary objective of this work plan is to characterize the nature and extent of contamination in soil both vertically and laterally, and to gather data to request closure of the UST. The workplan is currently in the response to comments phase, and sampling is expected to begin late in the 2011 field season.


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