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AFS/Airport - TU001 Power Plant Tank 49


Diesel, Gas, Petroleum Product



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Past Work on Site

On 4/15/91 ADEC was informed that a 12,000 gallon UST (diesel) located behind power plant (Building 1499) failed tank tightness testing. A total of four leaking USTs were removed by 1997. Collectively referred to as Tank # 49. After excavation, these tanks were replaced by two above ground storage tanks. Air Force Installation Restoration Program Site TU001. No soil samples were collected from the 1997 tank excavation. Prior soil and groundwater samples documented petroleum contamination in excess of cleanup levels. The site is assigned a HIGH overall risk on the Air Force Relative Risk Evaluation Worksheet dated 8/29/95. --Updated 2011-- In April 2010 a Work Plan for Site Inspection, Remedial Investigation, and Site Characterization Former Galena Forward Operating Location, Alaska was developed. TU001 was identified as a candidate for the site characterization pathway. The goal of the site characterization pathway is to characterize the nature and extent of contamination both laterally and vertically. Target analytes at this site are: DRO, GRO, BTEX, and PAHs. Additional target analytes in the vicinty of the OWS include VOCs, EDB, 1,2 DCA, PCBs, and metals. This site was also analyzed for possible analytes based on a 500ft radius from the site boundary. Based on the site use, the target analyte list for this site was not adjusted. Initial sampling at this site is expected to be completed during the 2011 field season.


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