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AFS/Airport - UST 1770 (CST013)


Diesel, Petroleum Product



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Problem Severity


Current Use


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Past Work on Site

Building 1770 had two 1,000 gallon tanks: 1770-1 (diesel) and 1770-2 (waste oil). The tanks were active until 1993, and were probably removed in 1997, but the exact date is uncertain. DRO was detected in the excavation up to 42,800 mg/kg, GRO up to 760 mg/kg, and BTEX up to 33.9 mg/kg. Approximately 107 cubic yards of contaminated soils were excavated and placed in the Tank 37 biocell. The tank excavation was probably backfilled with clean fill. --Updated 2011-- This site was included in the Preliminary Assessment report in April 2010, it was recommended for additional site characterization. The intent of investigation in this area was to characterize the nature and extent of contamination in soil laterally and vertically, and to investigate the amount of contribution of this site to the underlying groundwater plume. First round of samples came back petroleum contaminated. Two sets of samples to the south and east of the sites were approved to aid in delineation. In 2011, the first set of step out samples bounded contamination at this site. During 2011 Triad meeting number #1 it was agreed that no additional step out samples were warranted at this site.


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