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Campion AFS RRS - Pol Area ST007


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Past Work on Site

The Petroleum, Oils, and Lubricants (POL) Storage Area site consisted of 14 above ground fuel tanks on a gravel pad, adjacent to downgradient wetlands. Eleven tanks stored diesel, and three stored gasoline. Campion Air Station facilities were demolished in 1986, and all of these tanks were removed by 1989. Sampling at that time indicated elevated concentrations of diesel range organics (DRO), gasoline range organics (GRO), benzene, toluene, and xylenes in the soil, and a sheen was noted on the surface water in the wetlands adjacent to the gravel pad. One thousand cubic yards of contaminated soil were excavated from the gravel pad area and treated ex-situ on the nearby Campion air strip. Cleanup goals for the excavation were 5,000 mg/kg DRO and 4,000 mg/kg GRO. Sampling for the 1996 Remedial Investigation, conducted in 1992 and 1993 detected DRO as high as 75,000 mg/kg and GRO at 6,500 mg/kg. DRO was also found in the water from the wetlands at 3.3 mg/L. All the pesticides detected in surface water were below the Water Quality Standards. Intermittent free product is still found in a monitoring well near the source area, although recovery is not sustainable. This site has been separated from the Campion sitewide database entry since it has remaining contaminants. --Update 2010-- The USAF submitted a Draft Site Characterization report (January 2010). The site characterization report did not meet the requirements of 18 AAC 75. The report did not adequately define the nature and extent of contamination at the site, requires a summary of historical information presented in previous reports, lacked a conceptual site model, and requires a QA/QC review of the data presented. ---Updated 2011--- The USAF has submitted a Draft Proposed Plan for remedial action at site ST007. ADEC has provided comment (May 2011) on the proposed plan and awaits USAF response. A draft Environmental Baseline Survey (EBS) was was submitted in December 2011 and DEC provided comment in January 2012. The EBS excluded ST007.


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