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Campion AFS RRS- Sitewide


Petroleum Product, Solid Waste, Unknown



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Problem Severity


Current Use


Redevelopment Plan


Past Work on Site

Site operated 1950s to 1980s. Six sites of contamination include two landfills, two waste accumulation areas, and two spill/leak areas (including tank farm). Groundwater and surface water contamination by DRO. EPA ID #AK6572728628. Also see file 900.02.005 and IRP documents. Also spills at POL tank farm. The tanks, which contained diesel fuel and gasoline, were demolished in 1986. White Alice Site deactivated in 1978. Aircraft Control and Warning site deactivated in 1983. Facilities demolished in 1985. A portion of the deactivated POL pipeline remains and needs to be removed. There is an EOD range, an asbestos landfill, and a solid waste landfill at the site. Land retained by Air Force for possible future use of Galena Airport. IRP site. DSMOA site. (rpltr8). The site lies upgradient from a wetland area, through which runs an undefined stream. The surface water eventually drains into the Yukon River. The Campion site is one of the few upland areas that is cleared of trees. It is a popular hunting site for game birds and mammals, as well as a popular berry picking site. The site is assigned a HIGH overall risk on the Air Force Relative Risk Evaluation Worksheet dated 8/28/95. ---Updated 2011-- The USAF has submitted a Draft Proposed Plan for remedial action at site ST007. ADEC has provided comment on the proposed plan and awaits USAF response. The USAF has also provided a draft final CSE Phase II report and a response to ADEC coments on the CSE Phase II report.


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