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Kalakaket Creek RRS - Sitewide


Chemicals, Petroleum Product, Unknown



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Past Work on Site

The facility operated from 1956 to 1978 and consisted of three main areas: the White Alice radar facility at the hilltop, a landing strip with assorted support buildings, and a water pump house located approximately 0.75 miles to the east. The facility was partially cleaned of debris and PCB containing wastes in a 1984 removal action conducted by the 5099th Air Force. The 5099 created three permitted landfill cells during the 1984 debris and waste removal for burial of building debris, vehicles, and approximately 3,000 empty drums. The location of the landfill created during the operation of the facility, is unknown. Two historical drum storage areas have been identified at the landing strip, and one at the radar facility. A remedial investigation (RI) was conducted in 2007, and a "Clean Sweep" of the site, which included building demolition, and soil remediation was conducted in 2009. The RI detected petroleum, PCB, and the pesticide dieldrin in surface and subsurface soil. Petroleum contamination was detected in groundwater at the POL Tank 1 site, and the landfill 1 site. Groundwater was also detected at Drum Storage Area 2, however no contaminates were detected at that site. The groundwater pathway is considered incomplete for all other sites. All AOCs have been entered in the database as separate sites in order to track specific actions, site closures, institutional controls, or long term monitoring requirements as necessary. The closest community is Galena, approximately 22 miles to the north. Site access is limited to air transport due to river crossings in during summer months, and deeply drifted snow in the winter which make travel by all terrain vehicle or snow machine difficult during most of the year. The airstrip is currently in operable condition (2010), but when monitoring of the site is complete, the Air Force will discontinue maintenance, at that point, regrowth of vegetation will eventually make the air strip un-useable. --Updated August 2011-- Site is currently in long term monitoring status. The Work Plan for Long Term Monitoring at this site was approved on 8/18/2011. The first round of long term monitoring samples are expected to be taken during the summer of 2011.


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