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Native Store Tank Farm


Diesel, Petroleum Product


7 tanks

DEC Database


350 feet west of the Yukon River.

Problem Severity


Current Use


Redevelopment Plan


Past Work on Site

 The total capacity of the tank farm was 35,329 gallons. It consisted of seven tanks; five above ground and two underground with no dike or liner. In 1996, 10 gallons of diesel spilled, which was managed by PERP. the case was closed in 1997. During a 2000 site reconnaissance, there were numerous pipe threads leaking, and two valves had stem packing leaks. An uncovered soil stockpile from a fuel spill was located on a liner within the tank farm and nine partially filled 55-gallon drums were located next to the store. An analytical soil sample collected from the tank farm at a depth of 3 inches below ground surface contained gasoline and diesel contamination above ADEC Maximum Allowable Concentrations (MACs). Soil contamination above MACs indicates an increased potential for hazardous substance migration or for risk to human health, safety or welfare, or to the environment.


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