Big Lake Site


Petroleum, Solid Waste


Corner of Cross Road and Big Lake Road, Adjacent to the City Shop

Current Use



100 x 500 ft

Problem Severity


Redevelopment Plan

Yes, still use as recreational site. it is currently used for canoe races in the summer and a spring ice-picking contest.

DEC Database

Past Work on Site

First entered into YRITWC database in 2006. The site was used as a recreation site for swimming and fishing. Big Lake was used as a dumping ground for 20 years or more. A sawmill was located there in the 1960s and when it broke down it was shoved into the lake. Refuse is estimated to include vehicles, motors, batteries, and general household garbage. A shop building located north of the lake (City Shop)(see attached photo) has fuel and hazardous substances and a "distinctive diesel smell." The community is concerned that the contamination in the lake could damage their subsistence fishing resources and water quality of surrounding sloughs and rivers.


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