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ADOT&PF Lakeview Maint.


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The site is located near Yeager Lake on the Alaska Highway North of Northway Junction. In addition to the ADOT&PF Maintenance Facility, the site is also the location of a former Haines/Fairbanks Pipeline Pump Station. The pipeline was decommissioned in 1960 but three above ground fuel storage tanks with associated piping and a fuel island remain at the facility. ADOT is currently using one of the ASTs and the dispenser island. An undetermined amount of fuel spilled during operation of pipeline contaminated the groundwater supply. Dates of release, extent of contamination and health impact unknown. Up to 270 ppb benzene, 430 ppb toluene and 290 ppb xylenes in samples from 8/88 to 12/89. Sample obtained in 12/89 showed no detected contamination. Former pump station. Well is 280 feet deep. State land. (rpltr4) June 2006 drinking water sample contained 668 ug/L benzene. Toluene, ethylbenzene, trimethylbenzene and xylenes were detected below the MCL. ADOT has notified employees at the site, and will provide an alternate drinking water source. 7/24/06 EPA confirms that the septic system is considered a Class V injection well due to the presence of benzene in the well water. EPA will work with the SOA to enforce treatment of the water.


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