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Cape Romanzof SS010 Wells 2 & 3


Diesel, Petroleum Product





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Past Work on Site

Two wells, Well No. 2 and Well No. 3 (SS10), were located near the Weather Station building; however, the 1989 field team could not locate Well No. 2. Well No. 2 was presumed abandoned. Water from Well No. 3 was stored in a 10,000-gallon tank and used to supply non-potable water to the facility for general washing and toilet use. In 1993, Well No. 3 was abandoned. No further remedial action decision was granted in 1993. Spill site #4: One reported incident in 1979 involved a loss of 500 gallons of diesel fuel from a tank near the runway that may have been located at this site. RCRA Handler ID AK 9572728633 SQG. Former air force site name: ROM-2 is now SS10 Weather Station Wells Number 2 and 3 plus Spill Site #4. EPA ID AK9572728633. Last staff assigned were Vickaryous, Halverson, Burger, G. Pikul, and now Louis Howard. Former air force site names:ROM-1D is now LF12, ROM-1S is now SS13, ROM-2 is now SS10 Weather Station Wells Number 2 and 3 plus Spill Site #4 (Combined with ST09, SS14 and POIs 5 and 6 for Zone 3), ROM-3 is now SS07, ROM-4 is now OT05, ROM-5 is now LF04, ROM-6 is now SS01 Waste Accumulation Area #2, ROM-7 is now DP11 Dump Areas (includes OT06 in zone 1 a.k.a. Upper Camp), ROM-8 is now LF003, ROM-9 is now LF02 Landfill #1 (includes SS01, LF03, LF04, OT05, SS07, SS08, LF12, SS13, SS15, POIs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9 a.k.a. Zone 2 or Lower Camp), ROM-10 is now ST09 ROM-11 is now OT06 White Alice Sites. ROM-12 is now SS14. Confirmed or suspected contaminant source areas are identified as IRP Sites or AOCs. An IRP Site is an official designation where contamination is verified. The site is recognized by federal & state regulatory agencies as requiring further examination & cleanup consistent with CERCLA. IRP sites are assigned a 2 letter prefix indicating the type of contaminant discharge (e.g., SS = Spill Site, ST = Storage Tank, SD = Surface Disposal, and LF = Landfill). An AOC is an area of suspected contamination that has been identified in the preliminary assessment/site inspection or equivalent phase of site characterization. An AOC usually requires further evaluation to determine if the site can be closed or if further restorative action and IRP designation are required


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