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YRITWC Spring 2017

A Note from our Executive Director, Kelly Donnelly 

2017 Summit:  The countdown is on!  We are working hard to make this year’s Summit, celebrating our 20th anniversary the best ever.  Our hosts, the Carcross Tagish First Nation, is anxious to show off their beautiful new facilities, world class mountain bike trails (built by local youth), and to share the unique culture of the clans.  Your IGAP funds can be used for travel, but they need to be included in your budget.  Please work with your IGAP Program Officer if you need to make a budget revision.  If you need to renew your passport, you can do that by mail, with the form that can be downloaded here: .  If you also have a Tribal identification card with your photo on it, that can also be used.  When in doubt, contact U.S. Customs & Border Protection,-including-u.s.,-canadian-and-mexican .  Registration packets have been sent out; please call us with any questions.



Changing Political Climate:  The White House Administration brings big changes that will affect all of us.  Whether it’s threats to EPA funding for tribes, dismantling of regulations that protect the health of our land, water, and air, or issues that affect tribal sovereignty, it is vital that our voices are heard.  Make sure that you “Like” us on Facebook for the latest information, and subscribe to our mailing list.  Our voices are stronger together and we must work together to protect the Yukon Basin.


Water Management Plan:  In 2013 the Watershed Council adopted the Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council Water Management Plan.  It contains specific water quality standards for the Yukon and its tributaries.  I will be reaching out to tribal councils to discuss the plan, listen to concerns or recommendations, and taking the feedback I hear from you to the full Council when it meets at the Summit.  You can find copies of the Watershed Management Plan, as well as a draft ordinance  (for land-owning tribes and First Nations) and a draft resolution (for non-land-owning tribes) can be found on our website at .Scroll down the page to the section that has the map and you’ll find the link. 


Happy Spring!  The days are getting longer, dog races are in full gear, and people are starting to think about summer fishing.  If you happen to be in Anchorage please stop by our office at 725 Christensen Dr., behind the 49th State Brewing Company.  We’d love to hear from you. 

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